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Tred Launches An At Home Test Drive Service With Community Reviews

Let’s face it car shopping can be overwhelming. With so many great vehicles out there, where do you start your search? Do you rely on Consumer Reports reviews, ask friends, or is there something better out there? Sometimes I wish there was a way to do it all from home, don’t you? 

Well now there is!, has launched a test drive delivery service. 


In their own words: “The best car buying experience you’ve ever had. Guaranteed.”

What: Test drive new cars at the leisure of your home, for only $19. 

Value added: Read real world reviews from real people who have test driven the vehicles you are interested in. 


Tred combines “Professional Reviews” powered by Edmunds, with that of real customers. You can also see the most popular vehicles shoppers compare.  


We touched base with some customers that have used the service and this was what they had to say.

“It was a very relaxing way to buy a car knowing that it was a great fit for us and that we paid a haggle-free good price.”

“It feels more comfortable because you are on your home turf and not the dealer lot which can add more pressure.”

“I could drive the streets I’m used to. I had pre-plotted a course that included hills, highway and a twisty windy road.”

Overall the consensus seems to be Tred is a great alternative to visiting the dealership. Currently the service is only available in Seattle, but plans to expand seem inevitable, given all the positive traction they are receiving in Seattle.