Who: Chewse

What: Catering service portal for easy online ordering for your next event

In their own words: “Chewse makes it easy to order catering, from menu to delivery.”

Take away from interview: Co-founders Tracy and Jeff are a dynamic duo and are learning quickly what it takes to make Chewse a household name for all the foodies out there. 

Pros: With a solid bootsrapping effort they have proven the concept works with over 100k in revenue with something that started on a college campus and now grown to larger events such as TEDx, along with a growing list of corporate clients. 

Cons: Competition in the space, but Chewse has cut out a great niche making it a solid acquisition play for those looking to expand their offerings like a grubhub or opentable service. 

Funding: Offers from Incubator(s), but for now bootstrapping…A great service looking to capitalize on the $14 billion catering market making it a solid pick with lots of upside, especially if you can get in on a round of funding at the seed stage.

AngelList: http://angel.co/chewse

Twitter: @chewse

Source: vimeo.com