Who: PowToon

What: Easiest way to create professional quality animation based videos or presentations for business, education, and everything in between! 

In their own words: “DIY Software to Create Animated Demo Videos & Awesome Presentations!”

Take away from interview w/ CEO Ilya Spitalnik: His enthusiasm for startups and entrepreneurs was instantly apparent from the moment we spoke. Thoroughly impressed by his planning and execution of the product. He made a great reference to this quote during our discussion, “ideas are just a multiplier of execution” (a concept originally discussed here)

Pros: Product learning curve is minimal - get started within minutes of signing up! Powtoon’s marketplace is a bonus for those needing an expert touch, execution is in place and concept is naturally viral from the exposure of user generated videos. Great potential synergies (perhaps acquisition play) with the likes of YouTube or Vimeo down the road

Cons: Not all the features are fully active yet, currently invite only beta, however here is a special invite to get started today!

Funding: Seed funded by Jeremie Berrebi with surely more to come as traction builds

Bottom line: A game changer for those with great ideas looking for a way to express their startup concept, business pitch, or tell their story in a more engaging format. Check out PowToon’s youtube channel for some great examples of what users have created. 

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