Angel: Eric Ries

Overview: A Silicon Valley entrepreneur and author recognized for pioneering the “Lean Startup” movement, a new-business strategy which directs startup companies to allocate their resources as efficiently as possible. He is also a well-known blogger within the technology entrepreneur community, angel investor, and startup advisor. 

Invested in: 500 Startups (Fund), Gaston Labs, SendHub, Tout, Unbounce, Votizen

Pros: A brand name, failed but learned from it, great at turning vision into action

Cons: Invests in small amounts at seed level, more of an advisor than true angel investor

"Eric has taught me the most out of any person I’ve met in Silicon Valley. He continues to push the art of entrepreneurship and if you’re lucky enough to get 5 minutes talking with him, you’ll know exactly what I mean."— Founder of a company Eric advised


Angel: Reid Hoffman (@quixotic)

Overview: Founder of LinkedIn

ValueI invest in 20 startups @ 250,000 a year

Invested in: Facebook, Zynga, Flickr, Digg, and others

Pros: Well established network, billionaire aka deep pockets, well educated

Cons: He’s not a pretty boy by any means, however his experience makes up for his couch potato presence. He’s a teddy bear who instead of hibernating is always roaming around looking to pick his next company to take a bite out of

Known as the “the most connected person in Silicon Valley” - Wall Street Journal 

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